Red Sail Cooking Class

The restaurant is located on the river of Hoi An

Discover our food

Red Sail Cooking Class is the cooking class in central hoi an, located on the river of Hoi An. Not only specially the European-style inside, the restaurant is designed with an ancient space of Hoi An old town from outside to explore. From the fresh natural ingredients, the chefs here will bring diners to the new feeling is very close to the people of Hoi An. The menu here is very rich with attractive flavor to make the difference and specificity of the restaurant.

Cooking class in central hoi an always bring satisfaction and put the interests of customers to the top with the guideline “CONSTRUCTION QUALITY – MARKET CONDITION”. Red Sail is not only a place of convergence of the beauty of nature, but also an ideal place for you to have a fun and warm holiday with family and relatives.